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EOS price varies near $2.48; fall up ahead?

While the EOS price line continued to tread near the $2.48 level, crypto analysts believe that the EOSUSD pair will see a price fall in the near future.

1-Day EOS price analysis (25th June)

EOS price chart by Trading View

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) fell to a low of 18.16 near 12:20 GMT. This shows that the cryptocurrency was oversold at the time the price fell towards the $2.44 mark. At the time of writing, EOS traded at a price of $2.481 US Dollars.

EOS price; correction ahead?

NDM is a TradingView analyst who believes that EOSUSD has been correcting ever since it saw the 2018 rise.

EOS price chart 2 - 25 June

EOS price chart by Trading View

As shown in the chart above, the cryptocurrency rose above the $7.5 mark, while the trading pair shows a downward slope on the weekly chart till the point that is marked A on the chart.

The divergence indicator depicts a rise after the cryptocurrency reached 2020. The rise is indicated from point A to point B, where the cryptocurrency reached the $5 mark. EOS saw major corrections between February and March, after which it has treaded near the $2.4 mark.

The analyst has suggested that EOS will see further correction and fall below the $1.00 level.

EOS price movement; what to expect? 

Crypto Tony, the TradingView analyst, believes that the EOSUSD pair will fall towards the $2.00 to $1.90 mark.

EOS price chart 3 - 25 June

EOS price chart by Trading View

On the 1-day chart above, the analyst has shown that the cryptocurrency may show a flat movement near the $2.5 level, after which it will fall towards the $2.0 to $1.9 trading range. The idea also shows that EOS will retrace towards the $4.0 mark after the price fall.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice but an informative analysis of the price movement. holds no liability towards any investments based on the information provided on this page.

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